Posted by: Patrick | March 18, 2018

Color The Wind 2018

After a warm weather induced year hiatus Color The Wind returned!

Once again the incredible Mary Kay Catanzaro joined us for the excursion, but we also had another fellow kite fanatic with us… Emmalyn Rogue Boberg. It was a bit windy and slippery but everyone had a good time and we look forward to our next Clear Lake kite flying pilgrimage.

Now about our little sprinkle… We have been really selective sharing photos of her online (best place to look is occasionally on my Instagram story) and I have hours of video of her yet to cut. So if you are wondering why we havent shared anything about her on here in the last nine months well there you go. Eventually there will be photos and videos but you will have to be patient.

All righty, catch you later.

Posted by: Patrick | April 26, 2017

Baby Girl Boberg Showered with Love

Over a whirlwind three weekend span our friends and both sides of our family threw us three baby showers. It was a fantastic voyage through all the love in our life and the wonderful people excited to meet our daughter.

As you probably know, I had my camera rolling at all three showers. So if anyone missed them, would like to relive them, or wants in on the ground floor of Boberg Baby’s unauthorized biography… here’s your chance. Also, this playlist over on our youtube channel will house all Baby Girl Boberg’s future videos, so follow along if you wish.


Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 7.38.30 PM

Look for the hamburger in the corner.

Apparently flicking through the YouTube playlist isn’t that easy on this embedded video.  The best way to find a specific video in the video player above is click the “Three-dash Hamburger with a triangle shoe” icon in the upper left corner of the window. The playlist index will pop up and you should be able to find the video you’re looking for.

Posted by: Patrick | January 7, 2017

Merry Baby Bumpmas

If you have 13 and a half minutes well than I have a holiday vacation video for you!

That’s right, once again Marieta and I travelled to California to spend Christmas with my family. On top of the usual gift opening, I included our side adventures; walking around Simi Valley as a family, going to the top of the US Bank building to ride the OUE Skyslide, hiking through El Scorpion Canyon, and a re-edit of our baby announcement to include our family splashing around in the Pacific.

California continues to be one of our favorite states. If only it weren’t so expensive, we’d be there full-time in a flash.

Posted by: Patrick | January 3, 2017

Some news to start 2017

Happy New Year everyone! Got a good feeling about 2017.

Look for further details to come soon.

Posted by: Patrick | January 21, 2016

2016, Year of the Monkey

I did a dreadful job of updating this site in 2015; however, with a moniker like “Year of the Monkey” I see nothing but good things coming in 2016. To start this monkey year off in earnest I have have two videos from the tale end of the year of sheep (2015). Our Cali-Zona Christmas escape and a video from our time in Chicago at beginning of monkey year.



If you’re wondering what other video’d shennanigans the v2008 Bobergs got into in 2015 you have two ways to find out: either visit the “Our Video” page link above or click on over to YouTube and see any of these adventures:

All right, cheers to the new year and keep up the monkey business!

Posted by: Patrick | December 28, 2014

A Merry (Des) Moines Christmas 2014

The Bobergs v.2008 decided to keep it local this Christmas and invite the California Bobergs up for caroling, pie, and presents. Not only that but the Winds drove down from Jefferson for Christmas night dinner. Sadly, Megan Boberg and Chris Wind were nowhere to be found. We hope you all had a very Merry Christmas.

Following Christmas, we drove to McHenry and spent a couple evenings with the Catanzaro brood. Enjoy a walk through “Illumination,” the holiday light display at the Morton Arboretum. Then join the Catanzaro family for our annual holiday party.

Posted by: PatBoBomb | August 29, 2014

Pat’s 32nd birthday in Los Angeles

And after a long hiatus we’re back! Last week Pat turned 32 and to celebrate, we grabbed some sky and visited his family in Los Angeles. We hit tons of fresh sights; Little Tokyo, the Los Angeles Central Library, the Grammy Museum, Ventura Harbor, Neptune’s Net, the Port of Los Angeles, and much more.

But why tell you, when we can show you! Below you can find pictures, videos, and a rather fun Google Story! Enjoy.

Pat Turns 32 in L.A. Photo Album

Pat Turns 32 in L.A. Story

Posted by: Patrick | January 14, 2014

2013 California Holiday Adventure


For two glorious weeks this holiday season Marieta and I were able to escape the winter wasteland known as Iowa for the warm coastline of sunkist California. Including our initial return flights being cancelled, our 16 day Christmas vacation included beaches, hiking, scenic coastline, visiting old haunts in the Bay, HOURS in the car, and lots of quality time with our families.

Our first week in California was spent in Simi Valley, relaxing with my family and celebrating Christmas. Both my parents, plus my brother and sister took the week off to enjoy a staycation with us. And besides visiting the ocean, some grocery shopping and a few mountain hikes it was a wonderfully relaxing time. Care to take a gander at our Christmas morning?

Come the 27th, Marieta’s parents flew into LAX and joined us for the second part of two week sojourn. Joined on the 28th by Marieta’s brother Chris and his girlfriend Katlyn, the six of us took off on a blitzkrieg tour of the northern half of the state. Our travels took us through the Mojave desert, Yosemite National Park, all the way up to Eureka and the Redwoods National Forest, down to San Francisco, Monterey and home via the Pacific Coast Highway which hugs the coastline. It was a fantastic trip and as you may have guessed, I filmed it.

Visiting California is always bittersweet affair for Marieta and me as we loved it so much when we lived there (can you believe it has been four and half years!), but given the opportunity we will visit at the drop of a hat. A huge thank you must go out to my parents for providing 10 days of room and board, and an additional thank you to Marieta’s parents for bringing us along on their Northern California excursion. For those who haven’t seen enough, don’t worry there is plenty more. Besides taking over an hour in video, we also took over 500 pictures. Click through if you care.

Christmas 2013
Posted by: PatBoBomb | September 27, 2013

Celebrating our five year anniversary

It’s hard to believe its been five years since we tied the knot in front of 200 of closest family and friends. Actually, I take that back, having recently watched all of our online videos of day trips, vacations and family holidays it’s not hard to believe at all. Still, where has the time gone?

To celebrate the wonderful whirlwind that has been the last five years, we took an extended weekend vacation up to Door County, Wisconsin. While it wasn’t our first choice for the occasion (those being Seattle, then Portland, then Denver), it was a fantastic time and we can’t wait to go back someday with family or friends. We ended up taking over 500 pictures on our trip and over four hours in video. If you’d like to peruse through those pics, visit the photo page of this site. If you’re bigger fan of moving pictures, then grab a snack and sit back, Pat cut down his four hours of vacation footage into a 15 minute vacation video. Enjoy and Thanks for all the love and support over the last five years!

Posted by: Patrick | June 12, 2013

Busy Boberg Spring 2013

It has been a while since we posted something hasn’t it? Well if it’s any consolation, we’ve been pretty busy these last few months. We’ve taken a handful of trips, Pat’s been working on his Master’s degree and Marieta has been teaching Baby Led Weaning courses. Normally each new post on this site has a video embedded in it, but would you believe Pat has no Boberg-centric videos to share? The guys turns 30 and uses every excuse he can think of to slack off…

In lieu of a video, how about some pictures? We have mounds of those. In the past four months we’ve taken three trips and taken hundreds of photos. First, in April Pat traveled to Las Vegas for one of the world’s largest conventions, the National Association of Broadcasters Convention, and Marieta used the opportunity to take a vacation and tag along.

NAB 2013 – Las Vegas

After that we took a trip to Chicago and Kenosha, Wisconsin for Pat’s cousin’s wedding, but we were only there for 60 hours or so. Pat filmed his cousin Elisabeth’s wedding, but there’s nothing really to share outside of a couple of cell phone pics from a tourist trap stop at the “Mars Cheese Castle.”

Finally this past weekend we took a trip up to the Wisconsin for a family wedding in Merrill. No we aren’t going to share photos of someone else’s wedding (namely because they asked the audience not to take pictures). BUT we do have plenty of pictures from our odyssey around Minnesota and Wisconsin. Really fun stuff.

Wisconsin Vacation 2013

Well hopefully this gets you caught. If you’re looking for other Boberg related distractions, click on the new tab “P@’s Films.” Some really… interesting movie magic going on over there. Ciao

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