Posted by: Patrick | July 1, 2009


We finally got out and enjoyed the great outdoors!
 Marieta and P@ joined a few friends up in BackBone State Park
and wouldn’t you know P@ brought his camera. 
Enjoy it over in Our Videos

Updated Thursday, July 2nd!!

The Boberg’s are back in Iowa for the foreseeable future! We’re living in Pleasant Hill, Marieta still works for WIC, and P@ is working for a non profit TV news station in Oskaloosa. Good stuff. We’re excited to be near all of our friends and our natural habitat of the midwest. So if you’re in Iowa (or anywhere close) drop us a line, we’d love to meet up. See you in June! If you need to contact us, email

  • To give you a little background on how we met and where we’ve been you can check out Our Story.
  • For details on the wedding ceremony and reception you can visit the Wedding Day page.
  • We have built a special page to help you get to know our Wedding Party.
  • If you know Marieta & Pat, you can expect Our Photos & Our Videos to full of fun little goodies.
  • And for our many young guests we have provided a special Kids Corner just for them.

If you’re looking for a diversion from sound reasoning, Pat would like to invite you to visit his blog: The Babbling Scribe


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