Posted by: Patrick | June 21, 2010

One Day, Two Cities

This past weekend Marieta and I traveled to Chicago for my Grandma Catanzaro’s funeral. She died unexpectedly on Sunday, June 13th from two heart attacks. Friday was the service, my brother Dan and I both had a reading and our sister Meg gave one of three Eulogies (the other two being our Mother and Aunt Roseanne). It was a pretty hard event, Mom cried quite a bit, I got a little choked up during my reading, Megan nearly lost it during her Eulogy… hard stuff. Even though it wasn’t a sad way to return to Chicago, we did see our entire family tree, and got to spend some quality time with pretty much everyone.

Saturday, about 10 or 12 of us got together for breakfast before Marieta and I took Megan and our 15 year old (!!!!!) cousin Sam into the City.  It was a nice diversion from the heaviness of the weekend. I brought a camera with me from work to shoot a segment for the Kids’ Show and since I had to lug the thing around all the streets I shot us having a good time as well. In case you’re interested click on over to our videos page to see us dance around Chicago and eventually Milwaukee so Meg could fly home to L.A.

I shot a couple other things so stay tuned for a little Fathers’ Day fun and an update on the Boberg Garden Farm.



  1. You are hysterical; the Boberg Farm. It looks like one. I loved the video. Meg posted it on FB. Yes, Samantha is 15 years old and will be 16 soon!

    XO from the Nieses.

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