Posted by: Patrick | June 12, 2013

Busy Boberg Spring 2013

It has been a while since we posted something hasn’t it? Well if it’s any consolation, we’ve been pretty busy these last few months. We’ve taken a handful of trips, Pat’s been working on his Master’s degree and Marieta has been teaching Baby Led Weaning courses. Normally each new post on this site has a video embedded in it, but would you believe Pat has no Boberg-centric videos to share? The guys turns 30 and uses every excuse he can think of to slack off…

In lieu of a video, how about some pictures? We have mounds of those. In the past four months we’ve taken three trips and taken hundreds of photos. First, in April Pat traveled to Las Vegas for one of the world’s largest conventions, the National Association of Broadcasters Convention, and Marieta used the opportunity to take a vacation and tag along.

NAB 2013 – Las Vegas

After that we took a trip to Chicago and Kenosha, Wisconsin for Pat’s cousin’s wedding, but we were only there for 60 hours or so. Pat filmed his cousin Elisabeth’s wedding, but there’s nothing really to share outside of a couple of cell phone pics from a tourist trap stop at the “Mars Cheese Castle.”

Finally this past weekend we took a trip up to the Wisconsin for a family wedding in Merrill. No we aren’t going to share photos of someone else’s wedding (namely because they asked the audience not to take pictures). BUT we do have plenty of pictures from our odyssey around Minnesota and Wisconsin. Really fun stuff.

Wisconsin Vacation 2013

Well hopefully this gets you caught. If you’re looking for other Boberg related distractions, click on the new tab “P@’s Films.” Some really… interesting movie magic going on over there. Ciao


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