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May 2017 is gonna be pretty special in the Boberg house. All types of info to share about Baby Girl Boberg, and this will be the page for all of it.  We are extremely grateful for any gifts our daughter might receive.  If you are looking for some direction in finding a gift, here are a few things to consider.

First thing to consider when buying our little girl a gift; is it organic?

We are trying to keep all clothes, sheets, towels, diapers, and other apparel that touches our daughter’s skin made from organic cotton. Cotton is one of the most chemical and toxin absorbent materials on the planet. Hoping to bypass that, we are only registering for and personally buying organic cotton textiles and goods. While that may sound a tough needle to thread, there is actually a great deal of stores and brands that cater to organic baby goods.  See our Amazon registry (link below) for a wide variety.

These are a few of the brands that carry more organic items, but asking a retail clerk will generally reveal that many brands carry an organic line. Also, you’d be seriously surprised how decently priced some organic baby goods can be. Especially H&M’s organic line (which have a green tag labeled Conscious).

Next, you might consider; is it green?

We plan to use cloth diapers with our daughter.  We will be avoiding plastic toys and items when possible. If there is a wood or glass alternative, chances are you are in the right place. A good reference source is a store we discovered while shopping for the kiddo in California, Earth Baby Boutique.


Finally, here are our current registries (which are a work in progress).

Click image or here for our Amazon registry.

Click Image or here for our Buy Buy Baby registry



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