Posted by: Patrick | January 5, 2011

Happy Holidays Chicago Style

For New Years Marieta and I took the 6 hour trek to Chicagoland to see my extended family. While our journey didn’t get off too a great start (we battled freezing rain for 2 and a half hours from Des Moines to Iowa City) we had an awesome time in Chicago. Too see how good a time we had, check out the video below.

Posted by: Patrick | December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010 Part 2

So yesterday I shared Boberg Turkey Day 2010, well here is the following day. A fun romp up the coast to a Scandinavian town Solvang and the surrounding Santa Ynez valley. Solvang is a favorite place of Mom’s and I think we all know how much my Dad loves his Belgian/Swedish heritage. Enjoy


Part 3 will takes us deep into the heart of LA, check back soon.

Posted by: Patrick | November 30, 2010

Boberg Family Thanksgiving 2010, Part 1

Howdy folks, feels like it’s been ages. It’s been a quick year and Thanksgiving just sprinted by. While that is sad, The Boberg family will always be able to relive it because I shot it, in beautiful 1080i HD. So if you’ve got a spare 3 and a half minutes check out Part 1 of our Thanksgiving adventure. Our entire Cali vacation comes in 3 parts, Thanksgiving being the first part, ENJOY!

Posted by: Patrick | June 21, 2010

One Day, Two Cities

This past weekend Marieta and I traveled to Chicago for my Grandma Catanzaro’s funeral. She died unexpectedly on Sunday, June 13th from two heart attacks. Friday was the service, my brother Dan and I both had a reading and our sister Meg gave one of three Eulogies (the other two being our Mother and Aunt Roseanne). It was a pretty hard event, Mom cried quite a bit, I got a little choked up during my reading, Megan nearly lost it during her Eulogy… hard stuff. Even though it wasn’t a sad way to return to Chicago, we did see our entire family tree, and got to spend some quality time with pretty much everyone.

Saturday, about 10 or 12 of us got together for breakfast before Marieta and I took Megan and our 15 year old (!!!!!) cousin Sam into the City.  It was a nice diversion from the heaviness of the weekend. I brought a camera with me from work to shoot a segment for the Kids’ Show and since I had to lug the thing around all the streets I shot us having a good time as well. In case you’re interested click on over to our videos page to see us dance around Chicago and eventually Milwaukee so Meg could fly home to L.A.

I shot a couple other things so stay tuned for a little Fathers’ Day fun and an update on the Boberg Garden Farm.

Posted by: Patrick | May 16, 2010

PB & AJ’s Latest Video

Hello friends and family, as most of you know P@ works for a television station in Oskaloosa. He mainly works on the stations website and produces stories for the news; however his favorite part of his job is performing music on the Kids’ Show. P@ and his coworker AJ write, record, and perform this music every other week on the show. So far they’ve recorded 7 songs, 3 of which are originals. The latest performance is a song P@ wrote that is an anthem of sorts promoting kids to play outside, check it out:

Fun? Well if you enjoyed that click over to our Kid’s Corner page and watch the rest, or if you want to watch the entire Kids’ Show click here. Talk to you later.

Posted by: Patrick | May 12, 2010

Mothers’ Day 2010

Marieta and I flew out to California to see my family for Mothers’ Day this year. We had an awesome time seeing my Mom’s office, going to a local farmers’ market, hanging out, seeing a movie, but the best part was our trip out to Solvang. Solvang is a fun little town that is dripping in Scandinavian culture. It’s also cool because it’s surrounded by wineries… something Marieta and I love. I shot some video in Solvang, and before you watch it know that I used traditional Danish folk music for part of it… which is usually accordion and fiddle. Now I dug it, but Marieta… well she has some issues with accordions to work out. Go to our video page to check out our Solvang trip.

Posted by: Patrick | May 3, 2010

Out on the Family Farm

Yesterday, Marieta and I strolled out to the family farm to help Tom plant somewhere between 20 and 40 trees. It was a lot of work yet fun. I really want to use an auger somewhere on our yard. Gotta find that Honeycrisp tree, ASAP. Enjoy the little video.

Posted by: Patrick | April 20, 2010

Yogurt so Good you Gotta Eat it Slooooowwwww

Marieta and I went down to Fairfield to see a couple farms this past weekend. One of the farms was a dairy farm that only sells their goods in Fairfield. After having their yogurt that fact now makes me very sad. I wish I could share you the deliciousness of this yogurt with all of you but sadly there is still no way to share food through the internet. ONE DAY!!!!! Well, I guess the next best thing is video. So watch this video and take in the yumliciousnessity that you’re missing out on.

Posted by: Patrick | March 30, 2010

Beginning the Boberg Garden

Oh jimminy jillickers! Here come’s Spring! Now that we own a house we can start a garden. Want to see what we’re planting? Check her out.

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Posted by: Patrick | February 8, 2010

Goodbye Llama

Last week Marieta got an email from a goat cheese farm we visited in Pescadero, California that her llama friend had passed away… A sad day indeed but maybe the best way to honor that llama is to relive Marieta’s run-in with him last March. Enjoy.

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Shine on you crazy diamond

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